Archbishop DiNardo to be Invested at Vatican

Archbishop Daniel DiNardo of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston is going to Rome this weekend, to be formally invested as the spiritual leader of the 1.3 million Catholics in this part of the state. Houston Public Radio's Jim Bell reports.

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Retired Archbishop Joseph Fiorenza, wearing the Pallium stole which Archbishop Daniel DiNardo will receive from the Pope next week in Rome. (Photo provided by the Archdiocese)
Archbishop DiNardo is already on the job at the Archdiocese, but he still needs the formal vestments of a Metropolitan Archbishop, what's called the Pallium. DiNardo says that's why he's going to Rome for investiture ceremonies in the Vatican next Thursday, the 29th, the liturgical Fiest Day of Saints Peter and Paul. He says receiving the Pallium from the Pope on that day is a profoundly spiritual experience.

"What's beautiful about that liturgy on next Thursday morning is, the night before, they take the number of Palliums, however many there are, and they place them over the tomb of Saint Peter. And then right at the beginning of the liturgy, they bring them up from the tomb of Saint Peter, and then the Pope individually places them on each Archbishop."

As a Metropolitan Archbishop, DiNardo oversees several dioceses in south and southeast Texas, not just Galveston-Houston. He came to Houston from Iowa two years ago, and he says he continues to be astonished by the racial and ethnic diversity he's found here.

"I like to say, and I'm becoming more convinced of it every day that I'm here, every nation on Earth I think is in Houston Texas. And so the ethnic constitution of this Archdiocese is always a pastoral challenge, and also a pastoral blessing."

DiNardo is one of three American Archbishops who'll receive their Palliums next week. More than 300 people from Houston, Sioux City, Iowa and his home town of Pittsburgh will make this trip to Rome with DiNardo, and be present for his investiture. Jim Bell, Houston Public Radio News.

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