Governor Promises Assistance to Flood Damaged Houston

Governor Rick Perry visited Houston today for a briefing on the flood damage. The governor commended local emergency officials on the response to yesterday's flooding and promised ongoing assistance to the region. Houston Public Radio's Laurie Johnson reports.

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Governor Rick Perry met with Harris County Emergency Management today to assess the damage to the Houston area. The governor says the county will seek FEMA assistance for the damages.

"We have had so many of these types of events in the state of Texas that the paperwork side of it, we're generally well ahead of that. So we're just waiting for a response and I don't have a problem at all asking Washington to do their fair share."

Yesterday, the governor pre-deployed 50 Texas Army National Guard trucks and crews into the area. Those units are on standby along with a number of swift water rescue teams, helicoptors and rescue boats. When questioned on why those resources are being held on standby, Perry's response seemed to reflect lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina.

"I think when you, when you wait to see what's on the ground and you don't have your assets pre-deployed that you would be highly criticized for not having the assets on the ground."

Initial estimates show 78 homes in Harris County were damaged by flooding. Most of the damages were in the Magnolia Gardens Subdivision in Northeast Harris County, where 50 homes were flooded. Laurie Johnson Houston Public Radio News.

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