Re-Launch: Rocket Returns to the Astros

It's official, the Rocket is coming back and will pitch for the Astros starting next month. Roger Clemens has agreed to a prorated, $22 million contract to finish the season for Houston, the same club he helped take to the World Series in 2005. Houston Public Radio's Jack Williams reports.

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At 43-years-old, Clemens is still at the top of his game, leading major league baseball in earned run average last season and leading the Astros to their first-ever World Series appearance. After months of suspense, including offers from other ballclubs, Clemens decided to stay in Houston.

"Here we go again. I'm going to give it a shot. Not necessarily that I know that I need to or that I want to, but I'm committed."

Clemens, who's won 341 games over 22 seasons, says he's coming back to win.

"I'm not riding around in the back of a convertible waving the hat and selling tickets. They expect me to get on the field and win ball games and do it the way they're used to seeing me do it, and I expect that more so than anyone."

The righthander will make three minor league starts over the next three weeks, including games at Corpus Christi and Round Rock. Astros General manager Tim Purpura says Clemens is due to start for the Astros June 22nd against the Minnesota Twins.

"We've got some hurdles to clear here as far as getting him back in baseball shape, getting him to game speed. As he'll tell you, he feels great. It's a situation that's certainly and win-win for the organization, for Roger and hopefully for his family."

Clemens will make around $12 million for the remainder of the season once he's pitching for the Astros.

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