The Front Row, 05/1/2006

For its participation in this Spring's FotoFest biennial, Houston's Menil Collection has mounted a new exhibition, Insistent Objects: David Levinthal's "Blackface," a series of provocative large-scale color Polaroid photographs depicting some of America's more disturbing iconography of stereotyped African-American images on everyday objects...

Alison Young was taken on a tour with the Menil's Associate Curator for Collections, Kristina Van Dyke.ξ More information on the show is at Audio here.ξ

Houston's Theatre Under The Stars Frank M. Young, who founded the company in 1968 has stepped down from his position as CEO and will assume the new title of Producing Artistic Director. He will continue to provide artistic guidance and concentrate on strategic alliances, but will turn over the day-to-day management responsibilities to his second-in-command for sixteen years, John C. Breckenridge, who will be promoted from Producer and Chief Operating Officer into the role of President and C-E-O, effective September 1.ξ Audio here.ξ

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, MECA, Multi-Cultural Education and Counseling through the Arts, put together a program that juxtaposes both older and modern European classical compositions with new, contemporary dance pieces. We welcomed choreographer Armando Silva, and dancer Jarine Carvalho to the studio as well as pianist Alejandro Vela, who performed some of the music live for us.ξAudio here.ξ

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