Online Immunization Calendar

Keeping track of your child's shot record is just a click away.

Texas parents can now log on a computer to complete an immunization calendar. It can help parents with keeping shot records up to date. Doctor Andrew Eisenberg, with the Texas Medical Association, explains the process.

"And there's actually a link for a calculator. All you really need to do is put in the child's birth date in and it'll develop a personal calendar for when immunizations are recommended and should be given."

With Texas immunizations ranking 45th in the nation, the TMA launched the Be Wise program about a year ago. It's too early to tell if the program is working, but Eisenberg thinks it's a step in the right direction. Immunizations are low for a number of reasons. Eisenberg says they include geography, demographics and missed opportunities on the part of patients and doctors. In addition to the site, TMA is considering handing out packets to parents at the time of birth. To find out more about Be Wise, log on to KUHF-dot-org.

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