Enron Trial: Rick Causey Will Not Take the Stand

The government says it will not call former Enron Chief Accountant Rick Causey to the stand. Houston Public Radio's Ed Mayberry reportps. Aired 5/5/06 during the KUHF Morning Business News Report.

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The government said it will not call Causey, but plans to call ten other witnesses over about two days during its rebuttal case. Causey was indicted along with Lay and Skilling, but pleaded guilty in December rather than face trial.

Other defense witnesses were not available after Thursday's break for lunch, so U.S. District Judge Sim Lake adjourned until Monday morning. He's reverting back to the original schedule of starting at 8:30, rather than 8 a.m. Ken Lay said even with Thursday's early dismissal, he'll be busy over the weekend.

The judge ruled that none of the David Duncan testimony can be read to the jury. The defense also said it's not going to call Ken Rice, the former broadband CEO. Judge Lake predicted the case will be done by next Thursday. That means closing arguments will begin Monday May 15th and the jury could begin deliberations by the afternoon of Wednesday May 17th.

At least five more expert and character defense witnesses are scheduled next week before the government presents its two-day rebuttal case.

Ed Mayberry, Houston Public Radio News.

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