Enron Trial: Ken Lay Due to Testify

With Jeff Skilling's testimony complete, Enron founder Ken Lay is due to testify in their fraud and conspiracy trial. Houston Public Radio's Ed Mayberry reports.

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A total of eight character witnesses testified during the afternoon, including the widow of Enron executive Cliff Baxter. Baxter committed suicide a couple of months after Enron declared bankruptcy.

Skilling's ex-wife Susan Lowe took the stand to talk about stock sales she made in October 2000, countering government testimony that Skilling had given her inside information.

Former Houston Fire Chief Robert Clayton talked about a management study Skilling did for the department--improvements that gave Houston's EMS the second-highest "save rate" in the country.

Skilling spent eight days on the stand.

Cyndi Olsen, who worked in human relations capacities at Enron, said it was Ken Lay's directive that Enron get involved in the community. Lay's assistant Rosalie Fleming testified about Lay's open-door policy. They paved the way for Lay's turn on the stand Monday.

Ed Mayberry, Houston Public Radio News.

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