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A large animal rescue operation in underway about 60-miles east of San Antonio. Houston Public Radio's Rod Rice reports Houston SPCA Cruelty Investigators are in Gonzales County rescuing 16 animals.

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"The animals include eleven bears, two tigers, two wild hogs and, actually a macaw."

Heidi Brasher with the SPCA says the animals are well feed and healthy but they have been living in transport cages for about nine years. The cages are so small the animals can barely stand and turn around in them.

"And that's just not a place where wild animals should live. So our goal is to get these animals out of this situation and get them into a good sanctuary."

Brasher says the SPCA is not alone in rescuing the animals.

"The vet staff and other curators with the Houston Zoo are out here with the Houston SPCA today and they are helping with safe transport of these animals. We're moving them from cages that they are in currently to transport cages and then getting them into, a few of them into permanent place homes already, but several others will be housed at the Houston SPCA and the Houston Zoo until we can find permanent placement for them. We're looking for good, reputable sanctuaries that have room to house these big animals."

Brasher says Gonzales County may be the first county to seize animals using the Texas Dangerous Wild Animal law. The hogs and macaw were taken on an animal cruelty warrant. She says the owner has had the animals since the 80's and displayed them at fairs and festivals. She says the SPCA is contacting every possible place that could provide a good home for the animals and a home will be found for all 16 animals.

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