More Student Walk-Outs Protesting Proposed Immigration Laws

Another day and another downtown protest, this time involving middle school students demonstrating against proposed immigration laws. As Houston Public Radio's Jack Williams reports, about 50 students from Marshall Middle School marched on city hall today.

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Nearly as soon as the students arrived, they were met by Houston Police officers, put on buses and hauled back to school, a smaller version of a protest that involved about a thousand students yesterday. Sylvia Lopez arrived to pick up her daughter Jazmine, and says she's proud of her and that she's against the proposed new immigration laws.

"Some people do the thinking, they do the hard work. Everybody comes here to do something, and when they're here, they prove that they're doing something. If they do something wrong, then do what you have to do. But when they're not doing something wrong, when they're doing something to have a life, just let them do it."

Mayor Bill White met with several of the student protesters yesterday and says although he doesn't condone skipping class, he's happy to see the young people involved in the political process.

"When I cut my teeth, there was a bunch of us who would work on civil rights before we could even vote. Whatever the issue, and whether or not people agree with a particular person, it's great to see young people take an interest in public affairs in a democracy."

The Houston School District announced tougher punishments are on the way for students who continue to walk-out of class, including fines and possible expulsion.

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