Former Enron Treasurer on the Stand

Former Enron Treasurer Ben Glisan, Jr., testifies in the fraud and conspiracy trial of Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling. Houston Public Radio's Ed Mayberry reports. Aired 3/23/06 during Houston Public Radio's Afternoon Business Report.

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Good afternoon. I'm Ed Mayberry, Houston Public Radio Business News.

Former Enron treasurer Ben Glisan, Jr., has testified that JeffSkilling or Ken Lay knew about accounting misdeeds at Enron, but he has notbeen able to back his claims with a paper trial or other proof. He concededmuch of what he has testified about is from inferred knowledge, based onconversations with former CFO Andy Fastow and chief accountant RickCausey.

Defense attorney Daniel Petrocelli placed binders with paperwork concerningRaptors deals in a stack about two feet high in front of Glisan. He wastrying to demonstrate that those agreements were complicated and confirmthey had been scrutinized by accountants and lawyers inside and outside ofEnron. Glisan has said the defendants were aware the Raptors were beingused to help hide losses, but Petrocelli is suggesting those financialvehicles were legitimate.

Ken Lay's attorney Bruce Collins reiterated that Glisan's claims about Laywere not backed up by e-mails, notes or other proof.

The trial has just passed its 30th day, and U.S. District Judge Sim Lakesaid that qualifies the jury for a raise--from $40 to $50 a day. The trialresumes Monday morning.

That's business news. I'm Ed Mayberry, Houston Public Radio.

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