Glisan Describes Financial Deals

Former Enron Treasurer Ben Glisan, Jr., continues his testimony in the fraud and conspiracy trial of Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling. Houston Public Radio's Ed Mayberry reports. Aired 3/24/06 during Houston Public Radio's Morning Business Report.

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Good morning. I'm Ed Mayberry, Houston Public Radio Business News.

Former Enron treasurer Ben Glisan, Jr., placed Lay and Skilling at meetings where questionable financial deals were discussed, but on cross examination, he was not able to produce a paper trial.

Glisan said he found himself in shackles riding the same elevator with Skilling as he himself was being arraigned. Jeff Skilling feels Glisan has been forced into saying anything to get out of prison.

Glisan, who is serving five years in prison for conspiracy, will be in home confinement starting in September. He was granted immunity for his testimony, but denied cutting a deal with the government to get out early.

The trial has now passed its 30th day, and resumes Monday morning.

That's business news. I'm Ed Mayberry, Houston Public Radio.

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