Enron Jurors Hear from Arthur Andersen Employees

In the KUHF Business News Report Houston Public Radio's Capella Tucker discussed the latest developments in the Enron Trial reporting from the Federal Courthouse.

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Good afternoon, I'm Capella Tucker, Houston Public Radio Business News.

The Enron jury today heard from two former Arthur Andersen employees wholooked over Enron books. The first witness was John Sult who testifiedabout one Enron interest, a water company, called Wessex. At issue was howEnron handled a loss of what's called goodwill in the investment. Afterlunch, former Arthur Andersen partner Thomas Bauer testified about Enronhandling of what's been called cookie jar reserves.

The prosecution showed Bauer internal Enron documents concerning some dealsinvolving the reserves. The defense objected saying that Bauer didn't haveknowledge of the documents. Judge Sim Lake overruled the objection sayingthat's the point ... Enron's auditor didn't have information they should havehad access to.

On cross examination, defense attorneys introduced a series of e-mailsshowing that other officials at Arthur Andersen did know about the changingvalue of the reserve and didn't question the transactions.

Reporting from the Federal Courthouse, Capella Tucker, Houston Public RadioBusiness News.

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