HPD Says All-Star Game Secure

Along with this weekend's NBA All-Star game activities here in Houston comes increased security around many of events planned for hte next few days.

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Although not quite as big of an event as the Super Bowl, baseball All-Star Game or World Series, the NBA All-Star game still attracts thousands of fans, filling-up hotel rooms and local restaurants. Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt says public safety will be a priority this weekend.

"We have, we think, sufficient enough personel because we do have people working extra jobs and we have several other agencies that will be assisting us, including the Houston Fire Department, Harris County Sheriff's Office, Metro PD , Precinct One Constables, TABC as well as Public Works."

Many of the parties and events start today and continue until game time on Sunday evening. Hurtt says officers will be dispatched to most of the those parties to ensure a safe environment.

"We're going to be tracking and keeping an eye on about a 120 VIP parties and events over the four-day period. We hope that they have hired extra-duty officers for those events, but we still will be using a great deal of other officers to make sure that all of those events go off without any problem."

Houston hosted the NBA All-Star game once before in 1989, when the game was played in the Summit.

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