HFD Donates Surplus Equipment to Mexico

Tampico, Mexico will benefit from the hard use the Houston Fire Department puts its equipment through. Houston Public Radio's Rod reports that Tampico will be getting fire fighting surplus that might other wise be thrown away.

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Houston and Tampico are sister cities. Marco Bracamontes heads the Houston -Tampico Sister City Association.

"The surplus used equipment that we are now receiving for the City of Tampico, is an important contribution that is going to be very helpful saving lives in the Tampico area."

Houston Fire Chief Phil Boriskie says HFD is giving hoses, boots, coats, helmets, gloves and other items to Tampico that can't be used here but still have a lot of life left in them.

"We stay with the most up to date standards in the Houston Fire Department, and so actually the equipment we are donating is in very good shape."

The logistics of the deal are worked out by Houston City Council. Council member Adrian Garcia says this is but one such arrangement and for some cities it doesn't just augment their fire department, it's pretty much all the equipment they get.

"I have seen other partnerships like this with other sister cities where we have donated equipment. We've done quite a bit with Equador. Those cities, without this program in place would be without any equipment, for the most part, and so it's exciting to see, instead of us throwing it into the trash bin we're putting it to good use."

The City of Houston is a member of Sister Cities International and is part of a global network of more than 24-hundred partnerships in 130 countries.

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