Enron Jury Selection

Enron jury selection begins in Houston this morning in the trial of former Enron chiefs Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling.

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It's foremost on the minds of the attorneys for Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling.

Lay's attorney Mike Ramsey and Skilling's attorney Daniel Petrocelli filed motions to move the trial out of the state, which U.S. District Court Judge Sim Lake rejected. A jury pool of around 100 will be whittled down in a process that includes questioning by Judge Lake. Lay's attorney Mike Ramsey recognizes that a lengthy trial such as this one can be tough on jurors.

Skilling's attorney Petrocelli says it's been tough preparing for this trial, and the government has been part of the problem.

The sheer volume of evidence has been one of the more challenging tasks for the defense attorneys.

Ramsey says Ken Lay is upbeat as the trial begins.

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