Katrina Rally

Katrina evacuees are planning to hold a rally in Washington DC next month. Evacuees living in Houston are expected to fill two buses.

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The message evacuees want to send to lawmakers is two-fold. First they want law makers to understand the needs of evacuees today and to express their views on how New Orleans should be rebuilt. Evacuee and ACORN activist Vincent Wilson says things are moving too slowly and is concerned that New Orleans residents are being forgotten.

"We're letting Washington, President Bush, and Congress know that you need to get the resources to the people most affected."

Wilson says decisions need to be made so that the evacuees can move on with their lives. Jennie Larry Johnson is with Houston's Heritage House.

"We just want to make sure the world doesn't forget that we've got a whole society of displaced individuals out here that still need the level of support and resources that are required to ensure that all Americans can take part in the American dream."

The buses will leave Houston headed to DC on February seventh.

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