Challenger Anniversary

Johnson Space Center employees paused today to remember the Apollo One, Challenger and Columbia crews.

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It was a short, low-key ceremony that included a four minute video featuring the crews of Apollo one, Challenger and Columbia. The Day of Remembrance is about honoring those lost in space exploration. Doctor Janet Kavandi applied to become an astronaut after the Challenger disaster. She says it's inspirational to see people who are willing to give their lives for a cause such as space exploration. Kavandi says the nation feels it too.

"I think Americans feel that they sort of belong to this program as much as we do. I think, I know, because I talk to a lot of Americans who say this that we ride for them a lot of times. So when we suffer a tragedy like these events have been they feel the pain themselves as well."

Kavandi participated in today's ceremony by reading a letter from the widow of a Challenger Astronaut. A ceremony will be held this weekend at the Kennedy Space Center marking the 20th anniversary of the Challenger disaster.

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