Texas Fire Danger

People in some parts of Texas are worrying a bit less about wildfire danger today, after a weekend of rain that soaked a good many areas, including Houston. However, Texas is a big place and fire danger alerts are still up in some areas.

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The entire Houston area got a good soaking -- up to 2 inches of rain in some places -- and the wildfire danger is less today in Harris and many neighboring counties. Same story in east Texas. Texas Forest Service spokesman Mahlon Hammeter says the Piney Woods are good and wet today, but it won't last long.

"We got some help there, that helped wet down some of the heavier fuels there, which will make them less likely to be part of the fire, at least for a while there, but we still got the possible danger from the grasses at it dries out."

The bad news, Hammeter says, it that the rainfall amounts were slim to none in areas that needed it most. Even though parts of parts of central and north Texas got some rain, the fire danger is still high in those areas and he thinks fires will flare up again soon.

"I think north of the Dallas-Fort Worth area there I think they got a little bit more rain up north there and maybe a little bit better help. South of there I think the rains were generally fairly light, and so I expect we could have some grass fires and stuff within a day or so."

Hammeter says the wildfire danger will continue until the state gets at least four or five more good rains like this past weekend.

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