Memories on the Auction Block At Astroworld

Thirty-seven years of Houston history are on the auction block today and the rest of the weekend at Six Flags Astroword as the company unloads warehouses full of old equipment, rides and lots of memories.

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Astroworld Auction

More than 1,500 Astroworld items are up for auction this weekend, items like old signs, familiar charactor figurines like a giant shark and steer, and even favorite rides. Mike Westerman is taking a walk down memory lane.

"The Ultra Twister with no track and the Batman disassembled, it's kind of heartbreaking really to see it all go, it really is. I'm standing right here next to the tracks from the old Greased Lightning. I must have rode that things a hundred times."

Lynell Grounds worked at Astroworld 27 years ago and is on the hunt for something that will help her remember the good times at a park that entertained Houstonians and many others for almost four decades.

"It's depressing. It's hard to see some of this stuff go, but life goes on and I guess that's what happens, but it is sad."

Astroworld Auction

Auction coordinator Anthony Piccola says he's gotten hundreds of e-mails from people interested in buying a piece of Houston history.

"There's folks here who are interested in the equipment, the vehicles as well as the nostalgia, but I think that the nostalgia is an important factor here. We're showcasing 37 years of family fun and fond memories from the park to Houstonians. It's very important to a lot of folks in town."

Six Flags closed the park in October and plans to sell the 109 acres it sits on. The auction runs through Sunday.

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