Hobby Airport Chapel

Visitors to Houston's Hobby Airport now have a dedicated place to pray and worship. The Airport opened an inter-faith Chapel that is accessible to anyone who walks in the doors.

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Most major American airports have a chapel, although many passengers may not know about it. There's one located in Terminal C at Bush Intercontinental Airport. The Inter-Faith Chapel at Hobby is just inside the doors at the baggage claim, so anyone from passengers and airport personnel to taxi drivers and people picking up a friend can visit. Houston Airport System Executive Chaplain Brett Jones says people of all faiths can feel comfortable there.

An airport may not seem like a chosen place of worship for most people, but Jones says many people fear flying and need a quiet place to pray. And sadly, the chapel is needed during times of tragedy.

Jones says he expects as many as 100 visitors a day in the chapel as traffic at the airport increases.

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