Holocaust Survivor Assets

A Florida lawmaker is hoping to "right a wrong" which he says continues to victimize survivors of the Holocaust and their families.

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Nearly sixty years after the end of World War Two, some of those who survived the Nazi genocide are still fighting, this time, the enemy is a handful of European insurance companies who to this day still refuse to pay the life insurance claims of survivors and their families, according to Florida Republican Congressman Mark Foley.

Foley has introduced a bill which would allow states to demand that foreign-based insurance companies divulge information they have about Holocaust-era life insurance claims, and also allow individuals to sue those companies in Federal court.

At stake, says Foley, are billions of dollars in claims owed to thousands of Holocaust survivors and their families, but he stresses, its not just about the money.

While no hearings on his bill have been scheduled, Foley is working with the chairs of the House Financial Services and International Relations Committees to put it on their agendas.

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