Business Emergency Plan

Among the many lessons learned from this year's historic hurricane season is that homes and personal property aren't the only things ar risk, businesses are also subject to disruption.

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This years hurricane season has demonstrated that bad things can happen to good businesses. Homeland Securities Christin Gossel says small to medium business owners can do three things to get back up and running if disaster strikes.

Gossel says there's a check list to help business owners at the website, ready.govWe all know the importance of having a personal plan to get out of harms way but businesses should have a plan to get employees and employers to stay in touch during evacuations or following a disaster so managers will know where employers are located and employees will know if and when they can return to work. And Gossel says there are some things to do to know your investment is protected.

Gossel says building a business is hard work but with help from, protecting it doesn't have to be.

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