Educating Dyslexic Students

Dyslexia is a medical condition that is relatively simple to diagnose and it's a condition that can be overcome, but higher education institutions do little to prepare teachers for the challenges of educating dyslexic students.

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Dyslexia represents an unexpected difficulty in reading, usually affecting someone who has the intelligence and motivation to be a good reader, but despite this, struggles with reading. Dr. Sally Shaywitz is a professor of pediatrics at the Yale School of Medicine. She is also the author of a book titled Overcoming Dyslexia.

Shaywitz says physicians know what clues to look for to diagnose dyslexia, but the problem comes in because teachers aren't equipped with the tools and knowledge to adequately help dyslexic students.

Suzanne Carreker says the problem comes down to college level training for teachers. Carreker is the director of teacher development at the Neuhaus Education Center, a non-profit organization that provides professional development for teachers of dyslexic students.

Neuhaus provides classes and workshops for teachers and parents.

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