Furniture Program for Hurricane Katrina Evacuees

The Joint Hurricane Housing Task Force has re-instituted the furniture supply program that was suspended because of Hurricane Rita. It means many Hurricane Katrina evacuees can get new furniture for Christmas.

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This is the furniture program FEMA set up for the thousands of Hurricane Katrina evacuees living in Houston. It was suspended when Hurricane Rita hit Texas a month after Katrina, and the city was overwhelmed by another wave of evacuees. FEMA has authorized $51 million in new funding for the Katrina program, and it's just for people who already have city housing vouchers from FEMA. Spokesman Tom Kennedy all those people need do is call the Furniture Request Call Center and identify themselves.

The Call Center will arrange to have furniture delivered to their house or apartment. Kennedy says a lot of people qualify for this.

Kennedy says FEMA's contracted furniture supplier can make as many as 400 deliveries a day. He says it's great to see this program reinstituted at this time, so a lot of evacuee families can get new furniture for the holidays. The number at the Furniture Request Call Center is 713-715-4100.

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