Houston Students Score High on National Test

Houston school district officials say national test results show HISD students are out-performing students in most other large urban school districts in the county.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress -- the NAEP - is regarded as "The Nation's Report Card." Eleven big urban school districts, including HISD, volunteered to be tested last Spring, and the results show Houston fourth and eighth graders scored higher in math and reading than students in all but two of the eleven cities. HISD Superintendent Abe Saavedra gives teachers all the credit.

In the ethnic breakout, Saavedra says HISD minority children scored highest of all the eleven districts in reading, and also higher than the national average.

Even the teachers' union is joining the handshaking. Houston Federation of Teachers President Gayle Fallon says it doesn't get any better than this.

HISD reading scores were higher than the national average, but math scores were under the national average. Fallon says Houston is making progress in both and she thinks the administration has good reason to be proud of the NAEP results.

Darvin Winick is Chairman of the governing board of the National Assessment, and he says the high scores in Houston and the other big cities prove urban school districts are doing a good job of educating kids.

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