Katrina Evacuees Make Plans for Future

Katrina evacuees in Houston and elsewhere are putting an action agenda together. They plan to bring the items to New Orleans elected officials next week.

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The action agenda is being put together by Katrina evacuees with the help of religious leaders and the NAACP. Linda Jeffers became involved in community groups during her stay in the Astrodome after evacuating New Orleans. New Orleans residents say they want to build, not rebuild, the Big Easy. Jeffers wants to ensure that residents have a say in that process.

That includes rebuilding the levees to withstand a category five hurricane.One of the biggest issues for Katrina evacuees is communication. Kathy Mackie is now settled in Houston through her own means.

The action agenda calls for FEMA to maintain better contact with evacuees through regular mailings. Mackie wants to get back to her house, which she says can be rebuilt. The problem is that her neighborhood still has no electricity, she can't start until then.

Other items on the action agenda including temporary housing issues, financial assistance. They are also asking for a 12 month freeze on all foreclosures against property in affected areas. Katrina evacuees are still developing the action agenda, but plan to present it to elected officials in New Orleans at the end of next week.

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