UH Mars Rover Project Gets Kids Interested in Science

The University of Houston's Physics Department is putting finishing touches on its annual Mars Rover Competition. This annual event to get school kids to design and build a workable Mars Rover has an ulterior motive.

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This will be the U of H's fourth annual Mars Rover Competition. Physics professor Edgar Bering says it's grown a lot since it started four years ago.

In this competition, school kids build a space age robotic gizmo they think can move around the surface of Mars doing science experiments and taking pictures. Bering says it couldn't be easier or cheaper. They can use anything that's lying around the house and there's a $25 spending limit. The model doesn't even have to work.

Bering says the goal is let kids have fun competing with something that might get them interested in science, which this country desperately needs.

The annual Mars Rover Competition is January 21st at the University of Houston, but tomorrow -- Tuesday at midnight -- is the deadline to sign up for it. Interested kids and parents can get more information on the competition, and register online.

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