Katrina Evacuees Celebrate Thanksgiving in Houston

Katrina evacuees who are calling Houston home, at least for the time being, are finding things to be thankful for despite having lost everything nearly three months ago.

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Katrina evacuees at one southwest Houston apartment complex recently came together to share a meal, reflect on the experiences of the last several months and try and look forward to the coming year. Cynthia Miller and her family drove 18 hours to Houston the day before Katrina landed. Her brother and sister are in Austin and another sister has bought a house in Katy. Miller says that's where the family will reunite for Thanksgiving weekend.

Kesiha Delasbour is now attending the University of Houston to complete her Masters in Social Work. Delasbour is now doing an internship with a Houston social service agency helping other Katrina evacuees. Delasbour says the whole experience for her and others is still sinking in and the holidays will be a time to reflect.

As part of her internship, Delasbour visits where Katrina evacuees have made homes. She listens to their needs and connects them with resources. Delasbour originally considered working in high schools, but this experience is making her consider a different career path ... and that is to be more hands-on involved in case management.

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