U.S. Surgeon General Discusses Concerns in Houston

The office of U.S. Surgeon General is dealing with infinite needs and limited resources. The current Surgeon General Richard Carmona shared the challenges with a Houston audience.

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Carmona is the 17th U.S. Surgeon General and he says he's sensitive to the health concerns of the country coming from a large poor family ... and being somebody who initially dropped out of high school. One priority for Carmona is preventive health. He says too much of medicine today is focused on treating trauma and diseases that are preventable. Carmona is also engaged in training first responders for a world of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. He says getting the message to the general public is another matter.

Another priority for Carmona is addressing the issue of health disparaties. Carmona says health literacy has to meet the needs of different communities. The U.S. Surgeon General advises Congress on health policy, but Carmona says ultimately it'll be up to the will of the people to make the country healthier.

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