Monday November 21st, 2005

Online job recruitment numbers pick up in Houston area...Performance improvement conference examines new process and leadership techniques that power top companies...

Online job recruitment activity in the Houston area rose in October--the first substantial increase since May, according to the latest findings of the Monster Local Employment Index. After five flat months, online job demand indicates solid growth in for workers across a range of occupational categories, according to Monster's Steve Pogorzelski.

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Several job sectors jumped significantly in the Houston area.

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Houston may have finally recovered from the impact of housing hurricane refugees.

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Pogorzelski expects to see an improved hiring environment in the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Organization development theorists and academics gathered recently at the Hilton on the University of Houston campus to discuss "superperformance"--examining the process and culture that lead to improving organizations and companies. The Texas Performance Conference was hosted by the Texas chapters of the International Society for Performance Improvement. Author Dave Guerra originated the theory, putting his research into a new book called Superperformance: New Profound Knowledge for Corporate Leaders.

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Guerra has studied superperforming companies such as Toyota, Southwest Airlines and Microsoft to find out what makes them tick.

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Guerra says there's no question that superperforming companies are in a class by themselves, and if their discernable patterns are studied, others can learn from them.

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Guerra says eight surprisingly simple rules can help improve managing and leadership, and those principles can be applied to any organization, regardless of size, ownership configuration or purpose.

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