Medical Supplies Donated to Local Clinic Helping Katrina Evacuees

El Centro de Corazon health clinic on Houston's east-side is just one location serving the health needs of Hurricane Katrina evacuees. The health clinic today received donated supplies to help serve those new clients.

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Two 18-wheelers with 52 pallets of toiletry and other supplies pulled up to the clinic. The supplies will help meet the needs of the roughly 800 Katrina evacuees who have become patients of El Centro de Corazon. Social Services Director Marcie Mir-Tipton says many of the cases involve filling prescriptions, managing chronic diseases and taking care of mental health concerns.

The donations came about from a partnership between the Rotary Club of Houston and AstraZeneca pharmaceutical company. The Rotary Club says the donations fit into on-going projects to improve health care servcies on Houston's east-side.

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