New Low-Income Housing Opens in Houston

A new low-income housing facility is open for single individuals. There are as many as 10,000 people in the Houston area in need of this type of housing.

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New Hope Housing is a non-profit organization that builds and runs low-cost housing. New Hope is a debt-free housing project, the housing units and costs are paid in full by government grants, private donations and fund-raising efforts, along with small rental fees to the residents. The new facility on Canal Street in the East End cost $6.1 million and has room for 133 residents. New Hope Board President Mac Fowler says the waiting list for a room is almost endless.

The units are tiny, the average space is about 200 square feet. Rent is kept under $350 per month including all utilities and cable TV. Nell Richardson is vice president of New Hope Housing. She says the apartments are designed as permanent residences, but many people use them as a transition point for a few months to get back on their feet.

From the outside the apartments look very modern and trendy. Fresh paint in shades of green and yellow, along with steel and brick architecture give the facility the feel of a midtown loft. Inside, the rooms are small, but pleasant and bright. Fowler says the people who live in New Hope Housing usually form a sense of community and turn each facility into a little neighborhood.

The new facility is already home to 33 residents and Fowler says he expects the remaining 100 rooms to be full by the end of this year.

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