Houston Medical Research Focuses on Nano Particles and Blood Clotting

New research ties some natural and man-made particles to blood clotting. Medical research has often focused on particulate matter and cardiovascular disease. Research at Ohio University and the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston is focusing on how the nano particles are involved in clot formation.

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Research Team Leader Doctor Marek Radomski says they want to understand more the mechanisms in the connection between cardiovascular disease and particulate matter.

Radomski says platelets are the components in blood involved in blood clotting. Radomski says the research only looked at carbon based nano particles. It also looked at man-made materials developed in nano-technology. Radomski says the same reaction happened that leads to blood-clotting. He notes there was one exception. The buckey ball, which shape is often described as a soccer ball, does not cause clotting.

Radomski says the research results are not a strike against nano-technology. He says it's important to understand the risk of new technology in advance. Radomski says the next step in research is to observe the interaction in humans.

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