Klineberg Survey Reports Houston's Growing Diversity

Doctor Stephen Klineberg's Houston area surveys have been compiled into a 24-year report. The Rice University sociologist says the surveys show Houstonians becoming more comfortable with diversity but still segregated in some ways.

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Dr. Stephen Klineberg says Houston has no clear racial or ethnic majority. The area has more Hispanics than San Francisco, more Asians than Miami and more African-Americans than Los Angeles and those groups are growing faster than the Anglo population. But for the most part each ethnic group lives apart from the others.

The 24 years of surveys demonstrate some shifts in Houston's growth. The oil boom of the 1980s brought thousands of middle- to upper-middle class white men to the area. Since the 90s, growth in the area has come directly from Latin American, Asian and Carribbean immigrants. And this year, there's a new group of immigrants -- people who will permanently relocate from Louisiana.

Klineberg says it's too early to tell how the new wave of domestic immigration will affect the city, but it is clear that Houston's ethnic make-up is evolving.

Read Klineberg's complete report.

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