Houston Katrina Evacuees Take Part in Rebuilding Meeting

More than 30 Katrina evacuees who are now calling Houston home gathered today to learn more about the New Orleans rebuilding effort. The central meetings are happening in Baton Rouge and the Houston audience took part by webcast.

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It was day two of the community forum. Katrina evacuee Louis Green came to the meeting looking for information so he could decide what he needs to do next. He's relocated his family to Beaumont and has one year's worth of housing assistance. Green is hoping to get some direction. Green owned a business in the trade show industry in New Orleans.

Katrina evacuee John Hayes' house had seven feet of water. After resettling 18 members of his extended family to Houston, Hayes' is in a wait and see mode.

Patrice Newman's parents and family have relocated to Houston. She says it's getting harder to find out what is happening in New Orleans and specifically to their properties.

Newman does know that her parent's houses are destroyed and can't be rebuilt. She hopes to be able to rebuild her home sometime in the next year. Newman came away from the meeting with the sense that everything is still on hold.

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