Katrina Votes

While Katrina evacuees are still getting used to the idea of calling Houston home, at least temporarily, fellow New Orlean's evacuees are hoping they will stay involved in the Big Easy's rebuilding. Houston Public Radio's Capella Tucker reports that includes elections.

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Vincent Wilson lost everything from Hurricane Katrina. He's temporarily relocated to Houston from the lower ninth ward of New Orleans. Wilson is determined to stay involved in the rebuilding of the Big Easy ... even though he now resides a six hour car trip away. Wilson is now a spokesperson for the ACORN Hurricane Katrina Survivors Association. He's on the phone contacting fellow evacuees about an upcoming forum to be held in Baton Rouge ... put also webcast in a number of cities including Houston. Wilson's message is also about the importance of voting.

Wilson and others are focusing on next year's primary elections in the spring and the general election in November. Wilson wants to make sure evacuees living here and across the country go through the process of registering for absentee voting. The Louisiana NAACP has asked for emergency Voting Rights Act legislation. Officials are concerned that one-point-five million voters are affected by Katrina. Wilson is also pursuing the idea of having voting booths set up where Katrina evacuees are living to vote in New Orleans elections.

The webcast for the ACORN Rebuilding forum will be Tuesday from nine to one at the Houston Community College Central Campus. It's located at 3517 Austin.

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