New Multi-Service Center

A community in northeast Houston is breaking ground on a multi-service center after more than six years of waiting.

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The Tidwell/Northeast Multi-Service Center was first dreamed up by community members back when Kathy Whitmire was Houston's mayor in the 1980s. It's been part of the city's capital improvement plan for the past six years and got approval this year for construction. Effie Williams is an area resident and says, up till now, any time they wanted to have a function they had to go across town.

The multi-service center will be built in Tidwell Park and will include an auditorium, stage, dressing rooms and conference rooms. It will house a Head Start program, senior programs and community events. Houston Councilmember Carol Galloway was instrumental in getting the project approved and said she waited six years for this day. But resident Mamie G. Wells says she's waited more than 20 years.

The multi-service center will open some time next year.

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