New Breast Cancer Therapy Clinical Trial

A new clinical trial for breast cancer therapy is about to begin at Baylor College of Medicine. As Houston Public Radio's Laurie Johnson reports -- the trial will use genetically targeted drugs to attack cancer cells in tumors.

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A group of breast cancer survivors are gathered in a neighborhood in the Galleria area, where a new home called the Pink Ribbon house, is under construction. The house will be showcased for tours and sponsorships to raise money for breast cancer research. Baylor College of Medicine hopes to generate about $500,000 for projects including a new clinical trial going on at the Breast Center. Dr. Kent Osbourne is the director of the Breast Center and will conduct the trial for breast cancer patients whose tumors have Her 2, which is a protein that causes the tumor to grow.

Targeted therapy allows doctors to send drugs directly to the diseased cells. This trial will use the cancer drug Herceptin along with a new drug not yet commercially available to attack the tumors.

Osbourne says they are looking for patients to participate in the trial. Women who have Her 2 overexpression could be eligible for the study and can contact the Breast Center at Baylor College of Medicine to find out more. The Pink Ribbon House is scheduled to open for tours in May, 2006.

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