Former Poet Laureate Visits Houston

Lee High School students today had the chance to question and read their own poems to former U-S Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky. He's also in town for the Rice Campbell Lecture Series at Rice University.

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About 60 students who take part in the Writers in Schools program at Lee High School learned more about Robert Pinsky and the art of words. Pinsky says his process for writing includes playing physically with words ... turning them backwords and inside out.

Responding to a question from the students, Pinsky says his favorite poem is the one that he is currently working on at any given time. As the U-S Poet Laureate, Pinsky founded the "Favorite Poem Project." Thousands of Americans contacted him with their favorite poems.

Pinsky is speaking tonight and tomorrow night at Rice University as part of the newly established Rice Campbell Lecture Series. Dean of Humanities Gary Wihl says the series is meant to inspire public interest in the study of literature.

Meet Pinsky this Wednesday, October 19th lecture 7:30 at the Shephard School of MusicThursday, and October 20th lecture 7:30 at Herring Hall, Room 100 in the auditoriumBoth are free and open to the public. For more information: 713-348-4998.

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