Extra Cops on Stand-By for Possible Baseball Celebration

Extra security will be on hand Downtown and in other parts of the city as the Astros take another shot at their first-ever trip to the World Series tonight.

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The Houston Police Department will have between 60 and 70 extra officers on patrol tonight in areas where fans will be watching the Astros and Cardinals, places like downtown bars and restaurants. Police chief Harold Hurtt promises an extra presense and an Astros win. "We will have officers in reserve that can respond to some of the favorite game-watching places throughout the city to make sure that the celebration does not get out of hand after the win tonight or tomorrow night, but there will be a win," he says.

Hurtt says if the Astros do advance to the World Series, officials aren't worried about rowdy crowds downtown and around the ballpark. "The baseball crowd is a little different than the Super Bowl crowd. Baseball is more family focused. We will use some of the same guidelines that we use for the All-Star game and we've had playoffs here before. We'll have increased officers inside as well as outside of the ballpark," he says.

During the Super Bowl two years ago, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI were both involved in local security. Hurtt says if the World Series comes here, local police will handle most of the security.

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