Keeping Kids Safe from Toxins

A new study finds there can be dangers lurking in baby products made of plastic. The Texas Public Interest Research Group is calling for the elimination of chemicals such as Phthalates and PBDE's that have been proven to be harmful.

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Luke Metzger says random tests of products found, three of seven sleep accessories had toxic flame retardants, 15 of 18 bath accessories and teethers had them too. Metzger says parents should avoid plastics products with the number 3 in the recycling triangle.

Other than that Metzger says people need to get lawmakers to act. He is calling for support of a bill in the U-S Senate called the Kids safe chemicals act.

Biochemist Polly Ledvina says these toxic chemicals are every where, even in mother's milk, but they can be significantly reduced. In Sweden mother's milk has 100 times fewer toxic chemicals than in the U-S and PDBE's and phthalates have been banned in the European Union. More information.

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