Galveston County Nursing Homes Evacuated

Mandatory evacuations for nursing home facilities are already underway in Galveston County. It's difficult to safely evacuate the elderly and disabled but most of the efforts are going smoothly.

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At the Manor Care Nursing Home in Webster nurses are evacuating 109 patients. They're processing them through a line where each patient is identified and matched with files and medications. An administrator takes a Polaroid shot of each person and writes the name at the bottom before taping it inside the file. That way when the patients arrive at their destination they can be clearly identified. Facility Administrator Tracee Sherman says they have a check-list system to make sure medical records are complete before loading the patients onto buses.

Although mandatory evacuations are a new part of the process, Sherman says they have practiced for this many times and she thinks that is paying off because everything is going as planned.

While medical safety is the main concern, one of the biggest challenges with evacuating a nursing home is the mental and emotional well-being of the patients. Many of them don't understand what is going on. Sherman says they've made efforts to send each patient out with the nurse that routinely cares for them.

All nursing home facilities in Galveston County are under mandatory evacuation.

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