Houston Metro's CEO Is No Longer Interim

Tom Lambert has been with Metro since 1979.  He was chief of Metro's police department and he was later an executive vice-president. He's been serving as interim CEO since January 2013. 

Lambert has now agreed to a contract that will pay him a base salary of $275,000 a year.

As for what's ahead, Lambert will oversee the rollout of two new light rail lines later this year.  He's also heading up efforts to reimagine Houston's bus system. 

"This is going to be a fundamental core service assessment that we're going to make for the region, not only for today but many years to come."

Lambert says the problem with the bus system is that it doesn't always meet current needs.

"If you take a look at our current bus network, it's about the same network as the streetcar system in 1929. So it has not kept up with changing population shifts, or employment shifts, or demographic changes."

Another major project involves new transit options for the Galleria area. Metro is working with the Uptown Houston District on plans for bus rapid transit on Post Oak Boulevard.

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