Bonnie Barnett: Another Under Houston Humming

Bonnie Barnett is an experimental singer/musician based in Los Angeles. On Friday, February 21, DiverseWorks, as part of its SonicWorks program, presented Barnett in a participatory performance at lunchtime in the Houston downtown tunnel system. (She had conducted a similar event there in 1986 as part of the New Music America Festival.) In a corridor under the Esperson building, Barnett gathered a small group of people (including Art Guy Michael Galbreth) and facilitated a "hum," a kind of collective drone sung by the participants and accompanied by a flute player. Passersby either stopped to watch and listen or continued along their ways as the lightly amplified sounds resonated through the connected halls. Houston Public Media's Troy Schulze recorded the hum and spoke with Barnett.

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