City Of Houston Will Hear Concerns Over Bike Safety

Over the period of a month and a half, Houston saw three fatal hit-and-run accidents involving people on bikes.

Appearing on Houston Matters, Sustainability Director Laura Spanjian defended the city's efforts to keep cyclists safe.

Spanjian says that includes a Safe Passing ordinance, along with the mayor's Complete Streets initiative, to make streets accessible to all users.

She also pointed to the city's extensive network of bike trails.

"We're going in the right direction, but the next steps the city needs to work on are really three things. We need to work on enforcement of those laws, we need to work on education, and we need to work on building up our infrastructure."

But Michael Payne with the organization Bike Houston says there needs to be a cohesive plan.

"Unless we go forward and create a master bicycle plan for the city, we identify corridors and make investments needed in that infrastructure, we're going to see an increase in collisions between cyclists and motorists and more fatalities."

That proposal will be one of the topics of discussion at a hearing before the City Council Public Safety Committee.

That hearing is set for March 25.



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