Paid Parking Remains In Effect Along Galveston's Seawall This Mardi Gras

Paid parking went into effect earlier this year on a large portion of Galveston's Seawall, and that amounts to about 1,000 spaces.

Revenues so far have been less than projected, so the Galveston City Council voted to keep the parking fees in place for the Mardi Gras celebration this weekend and next.

So what does this mean for visitors? City spokeswoman Elizabeth Rogers says you'll have to pay to park between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., seven days a week.

"They can either purchase hourly parking, it's a dollar an hour, eight dollars a day, or they can purchase a $25 annual pass that allows them to park along Seawall Boulevard for an entire year."

And Rogers says they're allowing overnight parking for people who want to stake out a spot for the parades.

"Visitors can park up on the Seawall starting on Thursday, February 20 at 5:00 AM and then they can park overnight through 6:00 in the evening on Sunday. And that's February 20 through the 23, and then again for the second weekend of Mardi Gras."

You can pay for parking by using a cell phone app or by calling a toll-free number. Visitors can also buy parking passes at some of the Seawall businesses.

Payment Options: or call 1-866-234-7275


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