Texas Lt. Gov. Candidates Likely Headed To Run-off

Although the governor's race is the most high-profile on the ballot, the two main candidates are already clear: Republican Greg Abbott and Democrat Wendy Davis will square off in November.

The race that is much more murky is for Lieutenant Governor.

Incumbent David Dewhurst has three high-profile challengers in state Senator Dan Patrick, Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson and Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples.

Guests on Houston Matters discussed the race, including Rice University Political Science Chair Mark Jones, who predicts there will be a run-off for the Republican nomination.

"I think David Dewhurst looks to be pretty much of a shoe-in, assuming nothing goes wrong in the next few weeks, to be in the run-off on May 27th. The real question mark is who's running against him?"

University of Houston Political Science Professor Richard Murray says Dewhurst is not spending much of his war chest yet, apparently saving campaign funds for the run-off.

He says Dan Patrick will likely emerge as the run-off challenger.

"I've always thought Patrick probably had the best track to the run-off because you've got both Staples and Patterson running and basically splitting a lot of the establishment vote that's decided Dewhurst is probably going out."

Whoever wins the Republican nomination will run against Democrat state Senator Leticia Van DePutte in November.

The Houston Matters interview

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