Medical Students Are Working To Train More Houstonians In CPR

Baylor med student Vidya Eswaran says the CPR training effort follows a recent study by Rice University and the City of Houston.

"And they found several areas in Houston where there were both high rates of people having heart attacks outside of the hospital but also troubling low rates of people initiating CPR.

The study found a pattern of at-risk neighborhoods along a corridor that runs through the center of the city. 

Those neighborhoods include Sunnyside, Denver Harbor, and Fifth Ward. 

Eswaran says they're going into those neighborhoods to let people know that CPR has become a lot less complicated than in years past.

"You have to go up to a person, figure out if they're responsive or if they're not responsive. And if they're not responsive, you just start doing compressions and try to call for more advanced help to arrive."  

Medical students will conduct free CPR training classes in five Houston neighborhoods on Saturday, March 1. 

The findings from the Rice University study are in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

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