Classical Classroom, Episode 37: George Heathco on Louis Andriessen and Alt-Classical

PS, One of the images attached to this article is not George Heathco, but his TV doppleganger George from "Being Human". Can you tell which is which? One of them loves Twilight. (Apologies, non-specific George!)

Audio production from Todd "Twinkles" Hulslander with very marginal oversight from Dacia Clay.

Music used in this episode includes:

- Hoketus  by Louis Andriessen

- De Materie  by Louis Andriessen (begins with144 repetitions of same chord)

- De Staat  by Louis Andriessen

- Yo Shakespeare  by Michael Gordon

- Pierced  by David Lang

- "Bone Chapel" from O Death by Oscar Bettison

For more information about George Heathco:

Fore more about Liminal Space:


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