GHP Says Diversification, Transportation Improvement Imperative For 2014

First and foremost, Harvey said, the Partnership has to focus on keeping Houston’s dominance in the energy sector. The sector accounts for roughly 35% of the Houston economy.

“Other cities are trying to grab pieces of the puzzle. Whether it’s Boston trying to grab the big data piece or San Francisco the renewables piece, we must continue to compete to secure our future in energy.”

But the city needs to develop its strengths in other sectors as well — such as life sciences and advanced manufacturing. And, Harvey said, the region needs to fix its worsening traffic and crumbling roads.

“I can tell you that when I arrived in this role 16 months ago, the issue of transportation hardly came up in conversation, and I would tell you today, that I almost never have a conversation where it doesn’t surface.”

Harvey said, right now, the region isn’t allocating enough money to solve the problem.

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